Remembering Francesco Conz ...coming soon

Asolo Art Film Festival exhibitions 2012
Sala espositiva Teatro Eleonora Duse, Asolo
from 18th to 29th August 
h. 10-12 / 18-23 

Artist and prophet, visionary publisher and collector, Francesco Conz (1935-2010) is remembered for his extraordinary contribution given to Fluxus and other avant-garde movements. Edizioni Conz, established in 1972, represented from its beginning the core of the Archives F. Conz, thanks to which many international artists came to Asolo. 
The installation, along with the 2012 “Art and Culture” Prize, is a tribute to the artist who died in 2010. The exhibition hosts a famous work by Hermann Nitsch and a special Francesco Conz’s edition dedicated to the performance realised in Asolo by Nam June Paik and Charlotte Moorman.