Josif Brodskij "un viaggio" ...coming soon

Asolo Art Film Festival exhibitions 2012
Torre Reata, Asolo
from 18th to 29th August
h. 10-12 / 18-23

"Josif Brodskij - Un viaggio" of which I curated the layout will be open to the public in Torre Reata of Asolo (in the castle's court) from 18th August.
The installation is about Josif Brodskij's selected poems by Steve Bisson with Andrea Filippin and Max Foytik, a tribute to Nobel Prize for literature that in his travels he met his key to human existence.

I was born and raised in the Baltic swamps, where
gray waves of zinc are two by two;
hence all rhymes, hence the pale voice
that among these curls, like the wet hair;
if ever curls. Even pointing the elbow, the shell
ear does not distinguish them in any fullness,
but it beats the canvas, of shutters, of hands,
kettles on stoves, more than cries of seagulls.
In these flat countries that defends
from the false heart is nowhere you can hide and it shows
farther. Only the sound barrier:
The eye is not complaining about the absence of echo.

extract from Part of Speech