landscape workshop's exhibition @ Fondazione Benetton, coming soon



I'm preparing my next exhibition in the prestigious venue of Fondazione Benetton about the "landscape and photography" workshop.

Urbanautica with the sponsorship of Fondazione Benetton organized last december the ‘Photography and Landscape’ Workshop, to investigate and highlight, with the help of  eleven international photographers, some of the axioms of the relationship between ‘man-nature-landscape’.
The widespread use of photography and images as a means of representation and communication of the environment stimulates questions and invites further study. The prevailing if not the domain of the language of images in contemporary society is not without intrinsic pitfalls. 

Featuring: David Pollock, Mitch Karunaratne, Ruben Alonso, Kirsten Trippaers, Luca Capuano, Giuseppe De Mattia, Laura De Marco, David Wilson, Corrado Piccoli, Cristian Guizzo, Milo Montelli.

The exhibition will be open next december.

Special thanks to Steve Bisson and Andrea Filippin of Urbanautica.